Friday, July 26, 2013

Insert Update Binary data in MS Sql Server

It's easy to insert update the Binary data from a .net application (web/windows).

But If you need to insert/update or copy/paste the data which is already there in the database then it's not possible using the SSMS Table Editor (see attached image), it would give an error "The changed value in the call was not reognized as valid. .Net Framework Data Type: Byte[]

Error Message: You cannot use the Result pane to set this Field data to values other then null".

Use the SSMS Query editor to do this, i.e.
update TableName set BinaryColumnName = BinaryData

Note: The binary data value should not be enclosed between any single quotes

Entity Framework Function Import not returning Columns data

While working with Entity Framework (EF), sometimes the EF doesn't recognize the columns returned by the Stored Procedure.

1) If the db procedure is using temporary table (e.g. #tempTable), EF don't recognize the MetaData from the procedure.
2) If multiple select ... statements exists in db procedure.

Before executing procedure or beginning of db procedure set the FMTONLY to ON like below line:

This will force EF to read the metadata from Temp tables

There would be performance issues with approach because the way EF read the metadata from temp tables is to execute them multiple times.

Instead of using the temp tables, create table variables and use them to store data temporarily. While using this option you don't need to set the FMTONLY setting.

Using the table variables will be faster than FMTONLY option.

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