Monday, August 25, 2008

Remove yellow autocomplete textbox background caused by Google Toolbar in Internet Explorer

Hey guys,

Recently i ran into this problem, some users of my client’s website complaint that in some web forms the name and email fields comes have a yellow background which hinders the readability of the field.

After getting into depth details of the problem I came to knew that it happens only in Internet Explorer having Google Toolbar installed. In Firefox, Opera, Netscape it works fine.

This is a feature of Google Toolbar that it automatically highlights the fields (e.g. name, email etc.) in the yellow background color which facilitate the user to autocomplete the specified field.

Using some server-side and client side tweaks you can restrict the field to become autocomplete but Google Toolbar will still show the yellow background. The Google Toolbar feature overrides nearly all the server-side as well as client-side tweaks for the Name and Email fields.


To avoid the field’s autocomplete:

You can set the AutoCompleteType property in the Html tag of Textbox like:

<asp:TextBox ID=”txtemail” runat=”server” AutoCompleteType=”Disabled” Width=”219px”></asp:TextBox>

Some enumerations for the AutoCompleteType property are :

BusinessCity - City in the business category
BusinessCountryRegion - Country/region in the business category
BusinessFax - Fax number in the business category
BusinessPhone - Phone number in the business category
BusinessState - State in the business category
BusinessStreetAddress - Street address in the business category
BusinessUrl - Web site URL in the business category
BusinessZipCode - ZIP code in the business category
Cellular - Phone number in the mobile-phone category
Company - Business name in the business category
Department - Department in the business category
Disabled - AutoComplete feature is disabled
DisplayName - Name to display in the user category
Email - E-mail in the user category
FirstName - First name in the user category
Gender - Gender in the user category
HomeCity - Home city in the user category
HomeCountryRegion - Home country/region in the user category
HomeFax - Fax number in the user category
Homepage - Web site URL in the user category
HomePhone - Phone number in the user category
HomeState - Home state in the user category
HomeStreetAddress - Home street in the user category
HomeZipCode - ZIP code in the user category
JobTitle - Job title in the user category
LastName - Last name in the user category
MiddleName - Middle name in the user category
None - No category specified
Notes - Extra information in the form
Office - Office location in the business category
Pager - Phone number in the pager category
Search - Keywords in the search category

Please note the difference between None and Disabled enumerations.

But setting the AutoCompleteType property will only direct browser to not to give options for autocomplete, it doesn’t removers yellow background.

Remove Yellow background

Any code used to set the background color of textbox will fail in following conditions (regardless of run time or design time):

a) Specifying BackColor

b) Specifying background-color in CSS or Style attribute.

The one and only perfect way to do is :

a) Specify a CSS class for the textbox, e.g.






background-color: #666666 !important;



b) Now declare the text box control so that it looks like this :

<asp:TextBox ID=”txtName” runat=”server” CssClass=”txtNameStyle” Width=”219px”></asp:TextBox>


The if the background is !important in Css-Style, the input is not considered by Google Toolbar. That’s all what we need.

Now the last step is to just test the page into Internet Explorer.

That’s all for this post, hope you will like it.
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